Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 4

After Olubunmi’s birth the Shaw’s went to take both their daughter and the new baby despite that her health wasn’t improving, it had dawned on them that Eunices ailment would need medical attention so she was taken to the psychiatric hospital. Olubunmi was left with Janet(her aunt) to nurse, Janet who is Eunices’ sister was now Mrs Janet Cole as she had agreed to marry Georgious (who Infact was her sisters supposed potential husband). 

Baba Owolabi(the herbalist) felt cheated that his blood was taken away from him, he felt stupid, but he stood no chance as he could not challenge the Powerful Shaw family, moreover he was in their territory. Baba Owolabi decided to go back to his fatherland, as he only came for business purposes. He would go render his trado-medical services to his people and he was also a good hunter.

  Janet and Georgious had four children of their own,Olubunmi grew up to be addressed as Olubunmi Shaw (since she had been with them all her life). Olubunmi Wondered why her Mum(Janet) treated her in a different way from the other children, she taught probably because she was the first born, she was made to do most of the house chores, cooking and taking care of her younger ones. Sometimes she wanted to hate her mum(janet) but couldn’t find a place in her heart to do it, she just consoled herself that it was a way of training her to be a good woman. One day Olubunmi was washing the plates and mistakenly broke one of it, Janet beat her mercilessly she beat her so much that her Sanitary pad fell of her panties(WTF?), then Aunt Rolake a family member came in “Ahhhhh Janet! Do you want to kill this girl? Abi iru ki le leyi?(What kind of thing is this). You beat her till you tear her clothes? Janet this is bad” Aunt Rolake said. “E fi mi le Aunty mi”(let me be Aunty). Janet said. Later that day when Olubunmi saw Aunty Rolake to her car, Aunty Rolake beckoned that sshe drew nigh, held her close and pet her, then she whispered softly in a cracky voice; “Olubunmi my dear, the Coles are not your real parent, your mum is alive and in the psychiatric hospital” Olubunmi didn’t seem to hear what she was told, hugged her aunt and suddenly like she wine up from a nap, “kileso” (what did you say ma?), you are not living with your parents Aunty Rolake replied. Her heart beat raced faster than it ever had, could what Aunty Rolake have said be the truth? Is this why she was treated differently from the other children? As Aunty Rolake drove out, tears of confusion and uncertainty flowed down Olubunmi’s cheeks. A lot of thoughts flowed through Olubunmis mind, of all the thoughts she made up her mind to be an independent Woman and a success story. She was determined to also find her parents. 

Olubunmi did well in her studies and also commercially, her first job was in UTC departmental store, she worked as a clerk there. It was one day in the store that she met Mr Olayinka, he was a young, well groomed and handsome man, he always came to get groceries from the store and always had this special smile on. “Hello Misssss Shaw” he said after figuring her name out from the breast tag she had on, “I’m finding it hard to find the men toiletries section” “oh ok Kasali would you please help direct this gentleman to the toiletries section thank you” Olubunmi said “Ok Aunty Bunmi” giggled Kasali as he was really fond of Olubunmi. After Olayinka got his toiletries, he introduced himself to Olubunmi and that was how a fairy tale started in the life of Olubunmi. Would this fairy tale have an happy ending? 


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  1. One thing I av noticed here……..SUSPENSE!!! Haba u want to kill us. Now I have to wait till nxt wk wednesday……..issokay. Good work Mercurial (y)

  2. I hate tragedies pls Miss mercurialpinky, Eunice’s is enuf 4 me so am positive about Olubunmi. She deserves a G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ fairy tale. *Smiles*

  3. *fingers crossed*

  4. I thought tho, Eunice had a farytale begining too….shyii

  5. Nyc one,can’t wait 4 d next episode.

  6. Suspense….suspense….suspense,can’t wait for the next episode

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