As at this moment Olubunmi had gathered informations about her mother and where she could find her, Her Mum was in a psychiatric hospital. Nobody wanted to talk about her father, she wondered why(but finding her mom was top priority to her). Olubunmi took the step and went to see her mum, she had mixed feelings, excited, nervous, scared, she didn’t know how she was going to relate with the woman that bore her, moreso being the first time she ever would see her, not sure what she would look like, but at least was convinced that the arms of her mother was a safe haven. Getting to the hospital she asked after Eunice and the nurse gave a broad smile, “You must be her daughter the nurse greeted with a wide smile, she has always spoken emphatically that; she knows one of this days you would come looking for her, Come along my dear she is one of our favorite patients the nurse called”. Eunice sat on a chair in the lawn of the hospital wrapped in her hand was a wooden doll that she was fond with, the ray of the sun mixed with the silver linnings on her hair made a sparkle just like the sparkle Olubunmi felt in her heart once she saw her Mother, the butterflies in her tummy flapped their wings with massive force. Immediately Eunice set her eyes on Olubunmi she tilted her head up (like a little girl expecting her cone of ice cream from daddy), with a huge grin, she had tears flow down her eyes as she knew it within her that this was her blood. It was a very emotional moment, the nurse left the both of them together, for the 1st 20minuites they both stared a each other in silence, then Eunice switched back to her mood of talking to the air. Then Olubunmi sobbed inside, she broke down in tears as she saw her mother for the first time and in this state. Olubunmi stood up picked her comb which she always have in her bag started to fix Eunice hair and as she did she sang softly to her “Iya ni Wura iye biye, Ti a kole f’owo ra, Oloyun mi f’osu mesan, o pon mi f’odun meta(Long pause) “sigh” Iya ni wura iye biye, ti a kole f’owo ra” the part of “o pon mi f’odun meta” caused a pause in the rhythm of d song because she realised her mother never had the opportunity to back her. Olubunmi felt fulfilled as she had seen her mother she left the hospital smiling for that and also cause she was going to prepare for her date with the mystery store guy Mr Ayinde Adeyinka .


Olubunmi was back home by evening. Ayinde came to pick Olubunmi from her house, she came out the door and he smiled staring at her beauty, as she turned to lock her door, her behind facing him, now there was a mild swell on his zipper as he beheld the massive butt that Olubunmi carried behind her, his eyes scrolled down a bit to the plitting behind the skirt and he discovered the 3rd wonder of a curvy woman, her fresh chubby thighs made him lost in thoughts, he already made an image of her without the skirt, his eyes dimmed for some concentration, and he took a stroll with his eyes, this time from her shoes up to the little he saw, and he made up the rest in his head. (Ok let me drift a little*Grins*” Olubunmi has a very big bum bum, bakassi, Nyash any one you relate to just get it that she has a big behind. Back to my story”) the skirt she wore tho a splitted ash coloured skirt not tight could not hide the shape or size of her behind, the skirt was a little above her knees not because it was that short but because her butt gave it a huge amount of raise. Her waist also was wonderfully slim and the belt she wore stood well on it. The way she moved with ease her waist moved from left to right like the wind was blowing it.(ayinde lost in thoughts and realizing his zipper was grown, he slid his hands into his pockets slowly with his nerves pausing and swallowing chunks of air in his throat, he sent his hands into his pockets to control the little man misbehaving inbetween the pockets so he won’t feel embarassed, he controlled it slowly and sent it under his belt to serve as guard) “Hello Ayinde” (Dang!!) that just brought him back from his world of fantasy (scratched his hair with his car key and greeted with a smile) “Hi Olubunmi, u look absolutely stunning” They drove down to the


diner by the lagoon their table was candle lit the view  the lagoon and the soft jazz music(taka sufe) and the serenade of the environ made Olubunmi feel so good and special, so much for her in just this week. She and Ayinde spoke about themselves, Ayinde said he was a business man, works in Lagos but lives in Abeokuta, he travels to see his parents every weekend. Olubunmi developed strong feelings for Ayinde already, they had a little dance after dinner, Ayinde sure knows some good steps. He dropped her off at home and just before he left he planted a soft peck on her fore head.

I’m in love Olubunmi thought as she locked her door and leaned behind the door grinning like a teenager in love.



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  1. Wooow,#smilling# hope dis fairy tale will last

  2. Hmmm impressive. At least something good is taking place.

  3. Oya blow my mind…..
    Me too la grinning

  4. this man, mr ayinde??? hmmmmm.

  5. I have a feeling something bad is about to or will happen….

  6. Waoooooo, suspense continues. Can’t wait to read d next episode. Kip it up.

  7. I am a willing passenger in this journey. Captain Jolade, cruse on at your own speed. I will never urge you to over speed, as others do.

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