Bonjour tout le monde, je m’appelle Adeyeye Jolade et je suis votre nouveau professeur de Français.

*BigGrin* I’m sure everyone is used to the usual French salutation of bonjour, let me give you the chance to translate the remaining aspect of what I said in the comments column.

The benefits of learning French language are numerous that I would have to write a post on that someday soon, I’ll just be taking the little I feel I can pass down verbally, then depending on the traffic I get on here, I might upgrade to audio and visual tutorials too.

I always tell my French students learn French with fun, don’t be rigid, and let it just flow. I hope you all have fun with me as we take some basic phrases today.

French word Pronounciation English meaning
Bonjour Bonn-zhoor Hello/good day
Bonsoir/ bonne nuit Bohn-swahr/bun nwee Good evening/good night
Au revoir Ohr-vwah goodbye
Merci beaucoup Mair-see-boh-koo Thank you very much
Je vous en prie/ de rien Zhuh xoo zawn pree/duh ree-ahn You’re welcome
Oui/Non Wee/nohn Yes/no
Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle Muh-syhu,mah-dahm,mahd-mwah-zell Mr, mrs, miss
Comment allez-vous? Koh-mawn tahl-ay voo How are you?(formal)
Ca va? Sah vah How are you? (informal)
Je vais bien Zhuh vay bee-ahn Im fine
Ca va bien/mal/pas ma; Sah vah bee-ahn/mahl/pah mahl Im good/bad/not bad
Comment vous appelez-vous? Ko-mawn voo zah-play voo Whats your name? (formal)
Comment t’appelles-tu? Koh-mawn tah-pell tew Whats your name?(informal)
Je m’appelle…. Zhuh mah-pell I am called
Mon nom est….. Mohn nohm ay My name is
Vous avez quel age? Voo za-vay kell ahzh How old are you?(formal)
Tu as quel age? Tew ah kell ahzh How old are you?(informal)
J’ai 10 ans Zhay dis awn I am 10 years old
Parlez-vous francais? Par-lay voo frahn-say Do you speak french?(formal)
Parles-tu anglais? Parl tew on-glay Do you speak english?(informal)
Je parle Zhuh parl I speak
Je ne parle pas Zhuh nuh parl pah I dont speak
Un peu Ahn-po A little


i hope have been able to pass a little on the basic day to day french phrases. comment on your improval and any topic you want treated.

merci beaucoup, a bientot

A. Jolade






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  1. Adebakin Rukkayat October 12, 2016 — 8:54 pm

    Appreciate the French lesson, I have been searching for a way to get a quick hint on French… Please keep it up.

  2. Ok. How come i waited too long for this to happen. All those french classes i saw on snap no be waste naaa

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