Why so much pain (interrogative essay)


People killing people dying! What’s happening? Why so much hatred? Why so much hurting? To think that this killings come from people you least expect, the so called devoted Muslims, is there anywhere in the holy Quran that says killing is the way to make heaven? What hurts me the most is the killing of their fellow Muslim brethren

The policemen are suppose to protect the citizens irrespective of race, this days we need ourselves protected from the policemen.


I’m still trying to understand the ideology behind destroying pipelines in your own motherland in the name of trying to make the government bend to your terms, does this make it any better?

Why has violence become an escape route?

Why is there so much hate?

Where is the fear of God?

Why are there so many heartless people?

Why kill your brother man?

Somehow this has turned to anew interrogative essay, cause I am as clueless as anyone out there.

Perhaps one of you has the answer…….

Why? I ask again why??????.


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  1. Could this had been religion inclined mam?

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