ABORTION: solution to unwanted pregnancy or not?


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  1. Firstly, I’m glad you changed your theme. I mean, about time! 😝
    That said, I am a pro-abortionist. No mincing words, no beating around the bush. Religion tells us otherwise and all but why bring an unwanted baby into the world?
    You’ve narrowed the scope which makes this all so easy. So, yes… Abortion is the best (religion will say not the right one though) option for any (and all) unwanted pregnancy.
    But hey, nobody should make a habit of it… 😯 Btw, a mistake ain’t one until it is repeated. 😋

  2. Dis is a beautiful write-up, I trust my baby 2 always deliver nyc stuffs :*. I’m nt against abortion in d case of d BH victims, most of d victims r depressed aidy, they av d ryt 2 say dey dnt wanna av d babies. If they r denied dis ryt, then pueperal psychosis is inevitable making dem useless 4 d rest of their lives.

  3. The pros and cons are very wide. When it comes to rape and life threatening situations, including population control and planning, abortion may be a way out. Altho,that may be harsh but its just the truth.

  4. Previous message tagged “soft” if from the “deji” I know…..lol I comment my reserve!

    Mmmmm flipping from my old GNS manual bout abortion and all,,,, I would only conclude that whatever situation that binds one to the choice of abortion determines it a Yay or Nay !!! Salam

  5. Mind bugging write up. Some things are just logical. I don’t expect the BH victims to carry such child to term. A child they say is a thing of joy. No iota of joy will be coming from a child conceived by rape so why keep it? Well done Jola. #greatmind . Keep it up.

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