Find perfection in your imperfection 

Vitiligo! Memory help me remember the first time I heard this word *thinking* well I can’t remember but if memory serves me right uncle ruckus of The boondocks claims to have vitiligo ” I ain’t no black negro I’m white I just gat vitiligo vi-ti-li-go that’s if you black know what that is” so said uncle ruckus, lol… Say HEY my fellow boondocks fan. So vitiligo!Vitiligo easily explained is a skin disorder that gives white or black patches on human skin generally a discoloration to the skin. According to Wikipedia, vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigment. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function.   


 I didn’t think vitiligo was much of a big deal till I was watching American next top model some years back and came across Winnie Harlow a top model in the USA now. Imagine growing up with several patches of white on your body, imagine the names school mates would have given you, imagine not being able to wear a bikini to swim, imagine feeling different from every other person. Winnie stood out still and lived her goal to become a model, she became an outstanding one at that and also an inspiration to other people with the same situation. Just yesterday was world vitiligo day And I bumped on another beautiful soul Teminikan Omobajesu a Nigerian model with vitiligo.    

  Before temy could make her voice heard she had been to several auditions and they told her point black they wanted girls with clean skin no patches, how heartbreaking. Temy bumped on Winnie’s profile one day and that was when she got her VITIdence (confidence)on . I have a soft spot for people with one defect or the other, I call them special,that pretty lady with eyes looking left and right whereas she is looking at you, that handsome young man that is a sickle cell patient, that little child with Down syndrome, this are people I have come across and I try in my little way to put a smile on their face and make them feel as special as they ought to. This is a call to you that discriminates easily , to you that does not feel comfortable in the body God has given you. Wake up there are people with worse case out there and they are doing good for themselves. Know your blood type and your partners before bringing another soul into this world. Parent be observant of any defect your child has , it could be corrected before it becomes a stigma and if you are fortunate to be “special” bask in it you are a rare kind. Do what you know how to do best and inspire people.
This post is dedicated to Teminikan Omobajesu and every special human out there . 
Mercurial pinky


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  1. Never even heard the Vitiligo before buh I know it…..brilliant insight U shared there ma’amie

  2. And only if ‘Special’ people refuse to get invalidated by society, they would actually discover their disability is being made up for with an awesome ability.
    Awesome post. Cheers!

  3. Wow. . Came across the condition through a website recently. I’m proud of these models. I rili wish we all could come discriminating. Ain’t nobody the architect of their body/physical appearance and so called deficiencies. Nice read Jola

  4. quite insightful.. vitiligo? just learnt a new word..

  5. I believe rukus claimed to have Re-vitiligo :p Nice write up!!

  6. Adequately succinct

  7. Ohh! Well said.

    All points that seemed like advices are also well noted.

  8. Benjamin Godwins June 27, 2015 — 3:59 am

    Ve learnt ( Vitiligo)..its really good to appreciate everyone no matter what

  9. This babe is bae…
    To every man, there is a purpose.

    To every purpose there is a structure. You are the way you are for a purpose… Could be to self ambition, or world perception… But heal the world

  10. Nice read! Quite insightful too

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