So much for a safety officer/ safety,common sense or not?

Hey folks, I’m so sorry for the long wait out,but believe me I have been really busy.”Productive busy”. As a matter of fact one of my busy days brought about today’s post.
“So much for a safety officer” *Grin* Yes I am a safety officer as I have undergone the three major levels of the HSSE (Health Safety Security and Environment) course, making me a certified safety officer.
So what’s safety? Safety is the state of being safe ( my easy escape definition) lol but really, safety is the condition of being protected against physical,social,spiritual,financial,occupational,psychological,educational, or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents,harm or any other event which could be considered non-desirable.
*phewww* long yea? But I guess that covers about all,you should take another minute to digest that definition.
So I woke up one morning a bit late after a previously long day, and I had to rush out, so I just rushed to the bath, no chores done,bed room all scattered and messed up. On getting in later at night again totally knackered, I took a glance at my room and shook my head knife on the floor, electrical wires not in place,my comfy bed having all sort of trash on it and I thought “safety officer jolade! What would you call these”
Perhaps I got in, dark room and I trip over the exposed electrical wire,hit my head on the floor, crack my cranium and just as I was about to stand up,the orange peel slips my foot and then the knife pierce through my skin. *ewwwww* gory right? But all these happens when we don’t apply the safety rules.
Let me remind you that good health and safety isn’t common sense. Anybody that comes in after that scene would say “she should have used her common sense” easier for them to say as they came in after the whole event.
” A control measure that would have prevented a mishap is often glaringly obvious after the event” – Mark Twain
In other words hind sight tends to be a wonderful thing and we have a tendency to call it common sense. Not to forget that even common sense aint common.
If I a safety officer could have left my room in such state,with my knowledge on safety,wonder what a layman would do.
“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing with others” – Jean-Nicolas Bouilly
I’m going to be sharing bits of safety rules for home,workplace and environment on the blog on a regular, I hope you learn from them and apply them. Don’t forget safety rules ain’t common sense.

Till I spill again
Safety Officer A.Jolade.


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  1. What is it that U re not….? loool I wont be anymore suprised at another *thinG* u gna be! Safety is safe yea buh hey dont crash ur cranium.

  2. Hmmm, thanks for sharing. At least next time I wanna leave me room “unsafe”, your explicit sequence of events/mishaps that could follow later in the dark evening will tune me into the right path. Hehe, nice really. 😉

    Oya go be all you wanna be…

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