La mercurial l’noodles a la Carter

So I woke up this Morning with no idea  on what to eat, then I remember *dang* I’ve got some baked beans in the fridge *dancing *……  so I went to get bread and eggs (English breakfast to the rescue ) sad news there was no bread : (  *thinking* what to eat now?  And this baked beans has to be consumed early so it won’t go rancid…… hmmmmm then the idea of la mercurial l’noodles a la Carter dawned on me *evilgrin* 
Lemme take you through the procedure
Noodles (2 golden penny)
Vegetable oil
Baked beans
Pepper paste

Boil your water, add your noodles,spice,and pepper paste. So I used golden Penny noodles because it’s more economical, I got bored of indomie’s taste and for some reason I just wanted to do free advert for them.



So when noodles is soft to your taste,you can take it off the cooker.

Now I have my cabbage and carrot all sliced up sexy *lovestruck*


Carrot and cabbage.
I heat up a little veg oil and put them veggies in to let it fry a bit,I also added some of the noodles spice to give it a unique taste…… heat up the baked beans and serve in a sexy manner

#veggies #foodies #coke

Breakfast is served with a cold cup of coca cola to go

Hmmmmm yummy! I just bit my tongue.

NB:  That Turkey ontop was just garnishing hehehehehe. I saved my Turkey for when I will eat rice……..  errmmm *wife material alert* gentlemen apply in the comment section xoxo
.                          Your favorite chef mercurial.


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  1. Hmnnn. Yummy indeeed! Weldone chef Jolly

  2. *drooling* hmmmmmmmm.

  3. Some of us have been applying, just like the Nigerian job market, our cv ‘s are hardly ever considered, so… Bleh.. Btw we know you’re good at the art.
    And we also know there’s a host of other things u have to offer humanity. Am proud of you in everyway.

  4. Also tired of the taste of indomie…….. it’s like I have know the taste like forever……. but sadly other noodles don’t seem to work

  5. Dear Lautech, resume 2014/2015 session already before somebody turns what her father dint send her to come and be in school…. Thank God ur hostel has enough space to display ur U know *Anty oni indomie mardel kinda shii

  6. *single-tear*
    When she can cook, write, wrestle and she con fine join… =’)

    Btw, gurls get time o. Veggies, baked beans and noodles? Seriously? Kai!

    I bow to your ingenuity.

  7. 😍 Oshay oshay Mz Pinkett tha Cook.

  8. Yummy, wasn’t chanced to read this since yesterday, its so unfortunate am reading it now in my condition – tired n very hungry, had only gala all through today n still on my way from work!!!! Good wife material Mercurialpinky, dats why am preping you form my cuzo *wink*.

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