The affair that began between Abel and Bidemi on the eve of the elections was consummated again the next morning before they got up,and several times that afternoon, and within days of becoming involved with him,it seemed to be all they did now. They made love every way and every place they could, and he taught her things she had never known or dreamed of. It was nothing like the horrid rape that took her virginity, or like the usual she used to have with her customers. But what she shared with Abel was something very powerful and highly addictive. She could hardly bring herself to leave him to go to work every morning.


How Bidemis life transformed was still a mystery to her, she remembered the days of her mothers constant brutality,the days of selling her body just to make her have a comfortable life. Even though she was “an evil child” like she remembered her mum calling her,or a sinner before the eyes of man, God had smiled down on her, she was a university graduate, she has a good job and the best man she could ever think off and yes the wedding bells were ringing already.

Abels family also accepted Bidemi as their’s, His mother particularly took a special liking to her. She was the major reason why the wedding plans came up so fast.

” Is there anybody in this church that has a thing against this marriage? Speak now or forever remain silent” Bidemis heart was beating so fast as the reverend spoke, looking towards the congregation,she saw him raise up his hand ” This wedding won’t happen” Bidemi screamed ” nooooo, not today” before she could get over that,the total of the men in the congregation had raised up their hands to say the marriage should be cancelled. She recognized all of them to be her customers while she was a commercial sex worker. Just then she fainted and when she woke up, she woke to her mother’s heavy gaze on her ” I told you that you are bad news,evil child” Bidemi screamed out of her sleep. What a nightmare, she knew her life was looking too good to be true, she knew something wrong was going to happen. She just still could not bring herself to tell Abel her former way of life,that secret was going to die with her.


It was a week left to Abel and Bidemi’s wedding, preparations were in top gear. “Bae we have to do some medical test to submit to the church befor the wedding” Bidemi told Abel. “What exactly do they want the test for? To confirm if you are pregnant? Lol!” Abel teased.
The test result were out, Bide wasn’t pregnant and they both had compatible blood group and genotype. Just then the HIV test result came and Bidemi tested positive.

The marriage was cancelled, Bidemi went into a coma just at the announcement. As her comatose body laid on the bed,her spirit roamed up and down thinking of how much these scars hurt,these scars that can never be repaired,these mental scars………………………………………………




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  1. Wait, what??? TF??? Totally confused ryt nw…tot dere was sposed to be a happy ending for bidemi?

  2. Wow! so sad, what was abel’s test results. The poor guy.

  3. Mercurialpinky! Mercurialpinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like screamming n urgh. Not fair at all, “Mental scars” though.

  4. What!!!!! So she just came to this life to suffer or what?

  5. My coment I want printed with an harsh tag of New York times as in hard cover novels of Danielle Steel and Sandra Brown…U know wah ha mean?? 😉

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