“Get out of there!” The familiar voice screamed at her, as Bidemi bounced out of bed still half asleep. Her rapid movements brought the headache back instantly,challenged her ribs,and caused her to lurch a bit from the damage to her ear. “You knew, you little bitch,didn’t you! Did he tell you? Did he? She was shaking Bidemi by both arms then with total disregard of where she’d been for the past week,or the injuries that has caused her to be there.
“Know what? I don’t know anything mommy”
“Yes you do……. Did he tell you in the hospital?” what happened to daddy? Maybe he was hurt or something had happened to him. She couldn’t imagine it, but her mother spat the words in her face before she could ask again.
“He’s gone,and you knew it. Its your fault…….. You were so much trouble to both of us, that he left us. You thought he loved you,didn’t you? Well he didn’t. He left you just like he left me.
He does not want either of us anymore…. He left just like your real father did, You are bad luck…. My worst nightmare,a bile in my tongue…. You have taken away everything that brings me joy” And as she descended on the child,Bidemi began to understand.


The stench of the dripping sweat from the huge gruesome king kong looking guy pounding un-rhythmicaly into her brought her back to live,she usually switched off like that some times,drifting back to memories of about eight years ago,the hurtful words of her mother, “I hate you, you are a bile in my tongue” rang continually in her head.
Mr king kong kept on pounding,moaning annoyingly in his igbo accent “oh baby! Odikwa too selzy,give it to me baybeeee, hmm ohhh ahhhh, yes yes yessss” and he slumped breathing like wounded lion, “Abeg gimme my money,make you come dey go,My next customer dey wait”
This is the life Bidemi chose for herself, a life of constant pounding from people she dosent love,best part is she gets paid for it.



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  1. Awwww…this is sooo sad!😥

  2. Hmmmm! Bidemi just went wild! This is sad tho.

  3. Dnt even knw wat to say sef…bidemi’s ‘mother’ shld be locked in an asylum..why transferring aggression on d poor girl

  4. Whoooooa! This is a typical story of an end to the means and means to the end….Pounding!! Great work here babe! (Na as u gimme incorrect pin wonder me ooo! Ur ways sha. Enjoy)

  5. The episodes are too short joor. Haaaa so I just ave to wait again for another one……………..

  6. Wheew. Indeed, Bolanle needs psych-evaluation. The saddest part is that her stereotype is aplenty in the present society. Her demeanour is indeed worse than “child abuse/molestation”, it is indeed a mental scar!

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