The front door of the duplex house on the second street closed quietly,shortly after eight o’ clock,the morning after the party. Gbenga walked silently up the stairs,and paused briefly outside Bidemi’s room,thinking she would probably be awake. But when he looked into her room, he didn’t see her move,her eyes were closed and she lay still on top of her sheets,this was rare,but he thought it a good sign as she was not hiding at the bottom of the bed as usual,it meant Bolanle hadn’t bothered her the night before. At least for once she wasn’t punished for the sins of the father. Or so he thought anyway, as he walked to his own room.
Bolanle was observing her morning ritual of reading the news paper and taking coffee when Gbenga came down to join her,and asked about their daughter.
“Where’s Bidemi? Still in bed?”
” It was a late nite for her” Bolanle said in a chilly voice,without looking up from the paper.
Gbenga went back to check on Bidemi,on walking in he met her lying lifeless on the floor, she had fainted,he carried her quickly to the hospital,lied that she fell off the stairs,the lie was belivable considering the extent of the damage, they taped her ribs,stitched her up, and after a few days in the hospital,they felt sure that the worst of her injuries would be repaired.
He entered the house with overwhelming trepidation, and was relieved to discover that Bolanle wasn’t there. He had no idea where she was and no longer cared,not even sure what to say to her when he sees her,what could he possibly say to her? She wasn’t human. She was an animal of some kind,a being from another planet,an evil that destroyed everything it touched. He wondered now how he could have deluded himself that she could be a good wife to him or mother to a child.


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