“For Gods sake,why didn’t you just take her dress off” Bolanle said tartly. Gbenga had danced repeatedly with one light skinned Edo girl,in her skin tight beige satin dress,and his amorous dances with her had not gone unnoticed by Bolanle. “You humilated me in front of our friends” and as far as she was concerned, he needed to be punished for it.
“Maybe if you were more interested in sleeping with me,I wouldn’t need to dance that way with a total stranger” Gbenga said. They both yelled at each other,Bolanle moved to slap Gbenga he was faster than her, grabbed her arm and gave a big push that made her fall and hit her hips. Gbenga walked out and drove away,he thought to go meet one of the women he paid to pleasure him.
Bolanle was furious,anger and hatred was on her face. So furious that her anger needed to vent itself, and there was only one place where she could do that. She opened the door to Bidemis room,flipped the light on so she could see what she was doing,she pulled off her cover cloth and saw bidemi rolled like a ball clutching her doll….. The stupid doll Gbenga bought for her that she always clung to……Bolanle grabbed it and battered it against the wall and broke off its head, “No,mommy no! Not Barbie! No mommy please” Bidemi cried as her mother destroyed are one companion.
“You dragged Mrs Okonkwo up to see you tonight,didn’t you?” Her mother hit her again and again and again at first with the body of the doll she had called Barbie,and then with her fists,battering her chest and her body and her ribs,grabbing handfuls of her hair and nearly tearing it off her, slapping her until she couldn’t catch her breath any longer. The blows were continous and endless and brutal beyond belief. Bidemi was nearly unconcious when her mother left her that night. There was blood on her bed,and a knife sliced through her each time she tried to breathe. Neither of them knew it, but two of her ribs were cracked. She couldn’t breathe nor move and she wanted to pee so bad. She lay in bed,unable to cry,it hurt too much,she was cold,her lips swollen,her head ached but the worst was the searing pain from within whenever she tried to breathe.



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  1. Well, Bola ain’t just a callous being, she’s a big coward! Who takes out frustrations on a lil girl?

  2. ……..I hope Bidemi doesn’t die 😦

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