MENTAL SCARS Episode 4(Fiction)

PhotoGrid_1409766974477Click this links if you missed previous episodes. Gbenga went to Bidemis room to check on her before going to sleep,he stopped by the doorway to her room and stared into the darkness,there was no sign of life there,no sound and the bed appeared to be empty,but when he walked into the room,he saw a small lump at the bottom of the bed and knew it was Bidemi. She always slept that way,hidden way down in the bed,so that her mother wouldn’t think she was there if she came to find her. He didn’t dare pull her back up to the empty pillow. It would only expose her to Bolanle’s anger again. He left there, wondering at the injustices of life,inhumanity that had befallen this child and yet he knew as he walked away from her that there was nothing he could do to save her. In his own way he was as powerless against his wife as Bidemi. And he hated himself for that.
It was another christmas party in Bidemis house,as her parents usually host friends and colleagues. Bidemi clung to her barbie doll as she stood silently by the railing,watching the guest come in. All the women looked beautiful especially Mrs Okonkwo,Bidemi was staring at how the reflection of the Diamond neck piece on her stood above her head like an halo making her look like an angel. Just then Mrs Okonkwo looked up smiled as she spotted little Bidemi. She went up to exchange pleasantries with her and asked her to come down but Bidemi declined saying it was way past her bed time and her mum musnt know she was seen. When the Okonkwos were leaving the party,Mrs okonkwo told Bolanle to say hi to Bidemi mentioning that she saw her when she came in “You did?hope she wasn’t naughty” Bolanle said “She was very sweet” Mrs Okonkwo replied then she sensed she probably has Bidemi in trouble with the expression on Bolanles face. Mrs Okonkwo mentioned it to her husband that she felt Bolanle was too harsh on the girl and he said she was probably a disciplinarian. “I wish I had a little girl of my own” she said flashing back on her nine years in marriage without a child.


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