Gbenga saw it as a blessing in disguise that his ace rival Gbemi abandoned Bolanle, he had always loved her and tried to prove to her effortlessly that he did but Gbemi won her heart instead, Gbemis presence never stopped Gbenga, he constantly pursued Bolanle until he foynd out she was pregnant for Gbemi. When the tragic news of Gbemi abandoning Bolanle and her new born baby got to him , he was devastated, he was capable of commiting murder, he could just strangle if given the chance, but most of all what he thought of was how to make Bolanle and the new baby his, he wanted to protect them from evils like Gbemi, He would do anything to have Bolanle, even if she hated him he would make her love him some day. And he did get her. Gbenga noticed Bolanles un-maternal attitude but was convinced she would come out of it slowly. Some people just werent good with babies, he told himself each time he saw her with Bidemi. She was still very young , he was sure that when Bidemi got older, mother and child would get along. But the day never came, not for Bidemi, or for Bolanle. In fact when Bidemi started crawling everywhere, pulling things, standing up next to the dinning table, she nearly drove her mother crazy. Whenever Gbenga played with Bidemi, Bolanle felt disgusted, unlike Gbenga, Bolanle hardly ever touched her. A nanny they had early on had figured it all out easily and shared her thoughts with Gbenga, she said that Bolanle was jealous and hated the Baby. It sounded ridiculous to him, but in time even he began to wonder. Once when he commented on what pretty hair Bidemi had, what lovely curls. It was the next day Bidemi had her first hair cut. When he expressed surprise, Bolanle explained that having her hair cut was healthy for her. Bidemis first beating occured when she was three, on a morning when she accidentaly knocked a plate off the table and broke it, Bolanle was seating close to her and without hesitating, the instant the plate fell, she reached over and slapped her ” Don’t ever do that again… u understand, Bidemi had simply stared at her, her eyes filled with tears, her face a mask of shock and sorrow ” Did you hear me” she shouted at the child again. Her curly hair had reappeared by then, and the huge hazel brown eyes stared back in confusion at her mother “answer me” “I sorry, mommy….” Gbenga had just entered the room and saw what was happening with disbelief, but he was so shocked he did nothing to stop it. He was afraid to interfer and make things worse. He had never seen Bolanle so angry. Three years of anger,jealousy and frtustration were erupting from within like a long over due volcano. “If you ever do that again,Bidemi,i’ll spank you” Bolanle said ominously, shaking the child by both arms until her teeth shook ” you’re a very very naughty girl and nobody likes naughty children” Bidemi glanced from her mother to Gbenga standing by the doorway but he said nothing, he was afraid to. Soon as Bolanle saw him,she dragged Bidemi to her room, gave her a sharp slap on her bottom and locked her in . “You didnt have to do that” Gbenga said quietly. He could see that her hands were shaking and still looked angry. “If i dont you’ll wind up with a juvenille deliquent on your hands one day. Discipline is good for children” ” I dont know what she did to upset you but it couldnt have been that awful” he said calmly. ” Disciplining Bidem is up to me, Bolanle said through clenched teeth.” I dont tell you how to run your office” she said and left the tablePhotoGrid_1409766974477



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  1. Na wa oooo….dis is child abuse lol

  2. *Sigh* …. It’s indeed “mental scars.”.. Illd love to see where it ends…

  3. Na wah for this woman oooooo. Na by force that is child abuse. Why allow her come to this world na!

  4. Never seen a mother who hates her own child this much! Why pay the poor child for the sins of the father na? …can’t wait to see the end of this!

    Good Job!
    …by the way, did you draw that picture?

  5. Over and over, some men always find the need to make things right; to be the fixer. It is good, it is noble. However, sometimes, we find out in the most daunting ways possible that somethings cannot be fixed. Gbenga has found himself in a situation where he cannot do much. Yes, it might be none of his business how the mother treat a daughter that isn’t his. Wheew! Clumsy situation.

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