MENTAL SCARS (Fiction) Episode2

It was eight o’clock in the morning on the day. Bolanle stepped off the bus, her baby bump which usually was the first thing anyone notices as she was already about thirty one weeks gone protruded out much under her maternity gown that she wore this beautiful morning. . This was not her usual stop, but it was close enough to where she worked, and she thought taking a short walk would do her and the baby some good. The rain had passed and left the sky a brilliant blue and the field a lush green. Small clusters of birds sang the praises of the changing season and the exit of another tedious harmattan. Bolanle soaked in the smell of the aftermath of rain on the dry ground. She rubbed her bump as though her baby girl (she smiled as she thought of how Gbemi would have argued that it was a baby boy) too could smell the rather strange but pleasurable odour.
Just then she felt water pour uncontrollably down her thighs then to her leg, at first she thought her kidney just erupted. ” LOL! silly me! My Baby is coming!” She screamed gleefully. Quickly she dialled Gbemi’s number ” Gbemi,Gbemi our Baby is coming” He responded that he was going to meet her at the hospital.
Bolanle found her way to the hospital called her Mum and sister who also met up with her in the hospital. Bolanle had a baby girl just before her family arrived. A girl version of Gbemi this little baby was,the way she cried looked like Gbemi’s sad face, her hair jet black and Bolanle could have almost sworn that her hair was growing per second, her huge white eyes and the very familiar hazel brown pupils that made Bolanle feel Gbemi was staring up at her made Bolanle blush. She was never the type to want babies this early, not to mention outside wedlock. But at this sight she was already in love with this baby, hers and Gbemi’s baby. Her mother came in, relieved Bolanle passed the baby to her “Proud grandmum,take your baby o,she’s all yours, my sisi eko continues now”.
Bolanle tried calling Gbemi’s number to no avail,after which it went through and he said he had to fly to Abuja for a very important meeting,they talked about how much the baby looked like him and how the whole delivery went, Gbemi promised to be back in two days, the day of naming was here and Gbemi still wasnt around,he was delayed because of his project. When asked what name to call the baby Bolanle said “Abidemi,because her dad isn’t here” Days passed,months,years and there was no sign of Gbemi,Bolanle searched, she called,travelled all to no avail, Gbemi abandoned her and the little baby, he was gone for good.

********* ********* ******** ********

“You are hiding again” the tall spare woman shrieked at her, she was elegant and graceful and had a lovely figure, the dress she wore was well cut,an expensive navy silk. And on her hands she wore two heavy sapphire rings. They left their marks on Bidemis face now as they had done before. There was a cut on her head and bright red marks where she had been slapped. Bolanle Adenuga slapped the child across her right ear, and then shook her, holding her by both arms, shouting into the tiny devastated face “you’re always hiding! Always giving us problem! What are you afraid of now, you little brat? What have you done? Why else would you hide in the closet?”
“I didnt do anythin……… I promise.” The words were barely more than a whisper, as Bidemi gasped for air. The beating seemed to take all the life out of her soul as she looked up imploringly with tear filled eyes at her mother “im sorry, mommy…. I’m sorry….” And all Bolanle could see was the same eye and facial frame of the man she hated most “Gbemi”, she looked at Bidemi scornfully, turned her back at her and left without feeling any guilt.



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  1. Huuuuuhu! What is next. Transfer of hatred not fair. That is always d problem of rush to get pregnant for a guy that has not paid your dowry. And now all the hatred on the poor innocent girl dat was not dia wen de were doing d thing. Hunnn

  2. Not fair, poor innocent Abidemi

  3. OMG U jst made headlines of homicide case! U killed me wth Suspense! Who made ur brains i shud ask¿¿¿

  4. I feel pity for d poor little girl, dunno why a mother wuld av such disdain for her child

  5. It’s quite bizarre honestly, that a mother would treat her daughter as thus. Yet, it is the norm in cases like this where there is a daughter and an absent daddy. Abidemi being a replica of her dad is an added incentive though.

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