Mental scars.(fictional story) 1

The sound of the gate opening and Adamu the gate man greeting “Welcome Madam” startled little Bidemi from her favourite cartoon Sponge bob square pant. She quickly changed the station from Nickolodeon to African Magic Yoruba which her Mum was watching before going out, she moved with speed that you cant imagine for a six year old,switched off the TV, ran upstairs to hide in the wardrobe.

It was stifling where she stood, her eyes wide in the darkness,waiting, barely daring to breathe, as she heard muffled footsteps approaching from the distance. The sharp clicking of her mothers heels clattered past. She held her breath as though even the sound of it would draw her mothers attention. Even at six she knew her mother had supernatural powers. She could find her anywhere, almost as though she could detect her scent.

Her mothers heels rattled past again,pounding harder on the floor this time, Bidemi was sure she would soon be found, she remembered leaving her socks inside her sandal in the middle of her room. Her mother hated disorder,she hated noise, she hated dirt, she hated lies, she hated dogs and more than all of it Bidemi had reasons to suspect she hated children. Children told lies, made noise and were continually dirty so her mother said. Bidemi was told to always stay clean and stay in her room all time without disturbing, no T.V for her and no colored pencils because she would get color on everything.

The steps got closer and Bidemi knew that meant the search was ending, and it was only matter of time before her mum found her. The door was yanked open, light filtered into the closet where Bidemi hid, she could smell her mothers perfume heavy in the air, and sense her closeness. Bidemi met the eyes of her mum, with a single superhuman gesture, her mum grabbed her by one arm,yanked her off the ground and pulled her forward with such speed that the air seemed to leave Bidemis lungs with a small whooshing sound as she landed unsteadily on her feet next to her mother. Within an instant the first blow fell dropping her to the ground with such force it left the small child breathless. Her mother slapped her hard across the top of her head, and then pulled her to her feet again with one hand, and hit her as hard as she could across the face with the other. To Bidemi the sound of the blow was deafening.

“You’re hiding again”, the tall, spare Woman shrieked at her.



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  1. U write wth d suspense spirit as that of Joan Botswick….u grip my soul wth ur vast spectacle of imagination… naw u got me hanging in here for wat mor

  2. Hmmmmm… Suspense Queen!!! Naija’s own Danielle Steele… Way to go, bae!!!

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