Life and times of Olubunmi.(Olubunmi episode 14) Grand finale

.*Singing* This is my story,this is my song,praising my saviour, all the day long, this is my story, this is my song,praising my saviour all the day long.

Olubunmi sang to one of her favourites hymn before she had the steps of her grand children coming in, “Good morning Grand mum,Happy birthday” they all chorused. It was yet another year for Olubunmi to be greatful to God for, it was yet another 16th of december, that special day in her life,she was clocking 77 today and even through all the ordeals she had gone through, growing up without her parents,ill luck with men,raising her children all by her self, the societal stigma she stayed strong, she was Aliased ( Good mother). ” Granny granny, your boyfriend didn’t give you birthday gift?” Oyeronke Olubunmis 1st grandchild asked ” Silly girl, your grand father Olumuyiwa did not give me birthday present” Olubunmi replied. Everybody busted into laugh at the regular way they pulled Olubunmis toes.” Granny, after Mr Adeyinka, you married Mr coker abi?” Little Oyefunke asked. And that was how another story started as usual

Olubunmi Narrating ………………

After I divorced Adeyinka, I lost hope in anything concerning men,I decided to take care of my 3children alone,work hard and be successful. Along the line I lost my mum Eunice, but I was greatful to God because I eventually met her. And yes I went to my real fathers house, I met my step sisters and got acquainted with them and also started bearing my fathers name Owolabi. 

In my abstainance from men there was a certain Mr Coker that was really disturbing me, this man was married o! Thank God he even told the truth about his status, Mr Coker came every now and then, showered me with a lot of goodies and I ended up having feelings for him ” Ahhhhhhhhh Granny” all the Grandchildren chorus ” shutup, ki le mo ?(what do you know)” 

Anyway I moved into Cokers house without marriage and lived as the second wife, it was better than staying out there all alone, I needed a man, a man to live with, a man that my children would call Daddy. After a first child for Mr Coke, a boy who was his carbon copy, Mr Coker still refused to pay my dowry, and ohhhhh Mr Coker was very wicked, you never know the true color of men till you move in with them. I had another girl for him too without marriage, at a point I left his house, he came begging, told my family that he would pay my bride price, I moved in and still he didn’t pay. After 15 years of my life with Mr Coker, I finally left his home without marriage “hmmmmmmmmmm” everybody sighed. Despite all this I am here today, with three out of my five children! Lost two sometimes back and I have you this wonderful grandchildren. What more can I say than Thank you Jesus. 


*Sigh* Finally I come to the end of ” Life and times of Olubunmi” its been a wonderful 13 weeks ride with you all,thanks to my ever deligent readers and commentors, thanks for the love and motivation. And so the Surprise I said was coming up on this last episode is *Clearsthroat* Owolabi Esther Olubunmi is or was a living person, this story isn’t a fragment of my imagination this is the true life story of my granny my grand mum. Writing this story was a really emotional one, trying to think the way she did was even harder, because I only had short stories about it all,most times I cried as I wrote the story. I console myself with the fact that in it all Olubunmi was a sweet, wonderful, lively soul.

Dedicating this piece to the memory of my sweet granny she died at age 79 and would have been 83 today the 16th of december. Live on Olubunmi. I love you so dearly.



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  1. Awwww….may her gentle soul continually R.I.P.
    buh wait sef…did she go back to olumuyiwa?

  2. Eeeyah!!! Hmmm sorry ehn. Wah to expect nxt? Life and time of???? (-_-)

  3. I just knew there was something behind this story from the beginning….. *sad much* she suffered from men all her youth days but still ended up ban a great woman. May her soul continue to rest in peace….

  4. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  5. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is some beautiful piece. Who knew these all “was” some true story, and you were able to end it on her birthday. Jola, you are so sweet. Love you more.
    We wish to have more of this pretty soon!

  6. I remember the sweet old woman WELL she was my granma’s besty back in the barracks, *sad* my granny died in 2003 dunno her real age buh she was 80+. I remember ur granny used to dance n shake her bum even at her old age… I jus hope n pray we live to that age n more n we’ll still be together with so much love as we are now…. She lives on…

  7. Awwwwwww. Didn’t want it to end

  8. Oya now… and times of jolade and sheyila (-_-)

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