Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 13

Its been four years with Mr Adeyinka and everything was working out fine. Olubunmi was excited and greatful to God for making her last this long in a matrimonial home, where she has a man to call her own and blessed with an handsome son. Her 4th year anniversary was here and she wanted to celebrate it specially just for her and her hubby. She prepared a beautiful delicacy for her husband before his return from work. She had decided to wear the most expensive and appealing of her colonge.

On the return of her husband home,he could percieve the nice aroma of the meal that Olubunmi had prerpare. On getting to the dinning table he teased “What’s the occassion love?” With raised eye brow olubunmi replied ” seriously! You asking me that?” “Caught you there” he grinned with open arms Olubunmi ran to him and he brought out a bracelet with a lot of charms on it. “Wow a 24k gold bracelet, you are the bestest oko mi” “Happy Wedding Anniversary” they both chorused.

It was a beautiful dinner, Olubunmis husband adored her more than ever before, he was greatful to have a woman like her in his life.

The following weekend, Mr Adeyinka had a meeting to attend in his office he told Olubunmi he would not spend much time ” I want this weekend to be all about us, I’ll speed up everything I have to do” olubunmi nodded “take your time my love, I’ll be home waiting for you”

Approximately 15 mins after her husband left, a knock was heard on the door, “hold on I’m coming” said Olubunmi, on getting to the door, she saw a post man waiting at the door step ” Good day ma, please I have a package for Mr Adeyinka Adewale” ” My husband isn’t home today, I can take it for him” Olubunmi said. ” Ok you just have to sign here ma” Olubunmi signed and received the parcel, it was addressed from a law firm, Olubunmi’s curiosity made her open the envelope. “Noooooo! What! Why? Oh my God! Why me?” Olubunmi fell and began to cry “iya Remi what is the matter?” Said her husband who just got back from work. “Baba Remi what have I done to deserve this from you, why have you brought shame to me why?” Olubunmi wept. Her husband looking rather confused asked her to explain herself as he was lost. She handed him the letter she received, he read it and became cold ” Bunmi I can explain” Explain what, what do yoou want to explain, that you have a wife out thwre with three kids, is that your explanation? Haaaaa Baba Remi! You have ruined my life”.

Mr Adeyinka had a legally married wife and kids abroad, he ran away and came to settle back in Nigeria, leaving his previous life behind him. Mrs Adeyinka (1st wife) found out about this and sued Mr Adeyinka for Bigamy.

Mr cole who has been acting as Olubunmis father from infant had to come into the picture. He didn’t want the case to escalate as it was going to soil his well known name as well. With the Cole Power the case was handled well and Mr Adeyinka was saved from the jail term that came with Bigamy.

After the case was settled, Olubunmi filed for divorce immediately. Mrs Adeyink could come back with a better lawyer and she wasn’t ready to soil her family name.



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  1. Somethng bad just had to happen *sadmuch*😔 Olubunmi has how many kids now? 3?

  2. Olubunmi with her sugar sugar thing. Where next is she going? O ga oooo!

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