Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 12

Nothing in this world made Olumuyiwa accept Olubunmi and the pregnancy, he came up with attitudes Olubunmi never believed he possessed, every attempt to see him proved abortive, to the point he ordered his house guard not to grant her entrance to his house, even meetings that his family have tried to organise so the issue could be sorted out he refused bluntly to make himself available. Olumuyiwa finally travelled out of the country not caring about Olubunmi and the unborn child.

Olubunmi had pressure from everywhere during this pregnancy period, the church was not pleased with her, her Job was demanding, and she was loosing her social stand and pride as she was now a single mother again and expecting a baby for someone who didn’t care a bit. Her Foster parents “The Coles” had to get involved in the issue as she still bared their surname and wouldn’t want their name dragged in d mud.

At home one evening while Olubunmi was doing her regular chores, she tried to bend to dust the side table, then she felt a sharp pain and water came gushing down her thighs. She had experienced this before, it was time for the baby to come, she hurried upstairs, picked what she needed, took slow steps downstairs cos the contractions were coming really fast. Her third step down the stairs led to her sliping down and she passed out immediately.

“Get the Oxygen mask. Take her to ER immediately, Woman in labor slips from stairs and faints,get ready for a caesarian operation” Olubunmi heard all this conversation from a distance, then she realised where she was how it all happened, “Caesaerian Operation!Oh no I have to wakeup” Olubunmi thought,”I can’t go through a CS”. She opened her eyes just before the Oxygen mask was brought and moaned that she didn’t want a CS, she was going to give birth normally, her contraction came even faster this time around. The doctors checked to see if she could proceed with the normal delivery, they noticed that the baby wasn’t well positioned in her womb and would still definitely need a CS for the delivery to be a success. 

The operation was a successful one, Olubunmi had a baby girl, the baby was fine so was Olubunmi, there wasn’t any complication. She named her baby Olusola.

Lesson learnt, Olubunmi raised her daughter, worked well to earn money and never had time for men, she stayed away from them like they were some kind of plague, after about 4 years, her Family started putting pressure on her to get a man and get married,” being a single mother of two isn’t the end of the world Olubunmi” her aunt always said(neither is it the best position to be in Olubunmi always thought). That was when she met Mr Adeyinka Adewale, the relationship was a short one but he was able to make Olubunmis conception about men change, in no time Olubunmi and Mr Adeyinka got married. The wedding was a big event, The Coles made it an elaborate one as they were happy “their daughter” finally got Married. Olubunmi’s Marraige was blessed with a Baby boy Named Oluwaremilekun.



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  1. Shit! Too bad for Olubunmi 😦 :'(. Now dat she is married, hope dis lasts ooo

  2. Is this the end? Or???

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