Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 11

Olumuyiwa was everything any woman could ask for, he was full of romantic surprises, he cared a lot,he paid attention to even the minutest of details. He didn’t give Olubunmi issues over the fact that she was a single mother, he had a bond with little Adeoye.

One day Olubunmi had a knock on her door, as she opened she met with a pretty light skinned lady, an half cast and before Olubunmi could say hello the lady smiled pushed Olubunmi out of the door way entered her living room and sat comfortably. Olubunmi was puzzled, who was this lady? ” Don’t be surprised lady, you should have expected this, I am cassandra James,fiancee to Olumuyiwa Martins and mother to his unborn son” Cassandra said as she rubbed a protruding tummy. Olubunmi’s world came crumbling down at that exact moment, her heart beat increased rapidly, she became dizzy, she fell to her kneel and screamed ” nooooooo, not again, not again” repeatedly! Her scream woke Olumuyiwa up, he saw her eyes closed screaming on the bed ” Olubunmi wake up wake up, its just a dream, calm down” Olubunmi opened her eyes to find herself in the arms of Olumuyiwa, oh it was just a dream, but this dream felt so real, tears streamed down her cheeks as she remembered her past experience with Ayinde. She held Olumuyiwa tight and said “promise me you will never leave me, tell me you love me, if you have any child or wife tell me now, tell me ” Olubunmi sobbed, Olumuyiwa kept saying ” no no no” looking all confused as to what kind of dream she must have had. ” I promise to always be here for you Olubunmi”

After a year of them being together, Olumuyiwa was still of his best behaviour, Olubunmi had even gotten people to keep tabs on his movement and find out if he was involved with any other lady, but no remark of such came back. He was of great behaviour. Only thing that kept puzzling Olubunmi was why Olumuyiwa was yet to propose to her, she wasn’t getting any younger, they both knew each others family, they lovedother a lot, so why hasn’t he proposed! Every date they had Olubunmi always took the time to find something special to wear thinking it was going to be the “D’day” (proposal day) but she always ended up getting disappointed.
“Bunmi! Bunmi!! Bunmiiii!!!” Esther One of her friends in the store called her one day, “what are yoy thinking of? I have been trying to get your attention” Olubunmi explained how tired she was of being single, how she wishes Olumuyiwa could propose to her already, how she was scared about him traveling and not returning again. “Pin him down” esther said “pin him down?” Olubunmi asked with a confused face “yes by getting pregnant you pin him down, he loves you, you know his parents, there is no way he would reject you if you are carrying his child” Olubunmi thought about all Esther said for the whole day, she was a single mother already, was she ready to take this risk again?
Olubunmi finally conclude she was going to go according to Esthers advice, she had nothing to loose, Olumuyiwa loved her too much to say no to this.
After about 3months Olubunmi missed her period, she broke the news to Olumuyiwa and then a Monster she never knew existed went Berserk, slapped her hard on the face and said ” I thought you were smarter, I don’t ever want to see you again”……………………



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  1. Chai…Olubunmi has suffered!!! Give her a happy ending plsss😔😔😔

  2. Shouldn’t she have learnt her lesson enough? I blame her oo because no lady can hold a man down with a baby in this 21st century..i hope she gets an happy ending sha

  3. 😥 😥 dis is just too much of a burden for Olubunmi to carry. I feel scattered for her 😥 😥

  4. I feel sad for Olubunmi.

  5. Thank God I didn’t miss this….. Olubunmi tho

  6. *sigh* now i feel what other readers have been feeling since the first week…just read from episode 1 till date, and I want to just lay my hands on the 12th episode already, or even the remaining part of the while tale.
    But Olubunmi can like to use her sense already though. Once beaten twice shy they always say. She won’t just learn her lessons already. Ladies though *lips sealed*

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