Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 10

After a busy day at work, Olubunmi walked out of the departmental store, a little relived that she would be having her shower soon,eating, and relaxed watching her favourite soap opera. She fantasized about how she was gonna pass the few hours before sleeping. Honk! Honk!! The Horns of an unfamiliar car went just by Olubunmi’s side, she was stunned and immediately cut of from her moment of fantasy. A car that smelt every inch like a new one was next to her, the car looked so sleek she could have started to lick it, she remembered seeing an advertisement of the same car yesterday on TV,The Color of the car was black from top to bottom, the only silver she caught a glimpse of was the tire rim, which spun continually after the car had even come to an halt. The Windows of the car was fully tinted in black she couldn’t make out who was inside of it. She was both scared and curious at the same time, but she composed herself so whoever it was wouldn’t sense her scare. The windows of the car came down slowly, the smell of the air freshner from the car saturated into the air Olubunmi took in, A familiar opera song which Olubunmi recognised to be a G F Handel piece played slowly from the stereo of the car.

“My Lady Olubunmi, how do u do?” “How do you do Olumuyiwa?” Olubunmi smiled back. “Can we take a walk. Down to the bus station together?” he asked, confused Olubunmi wondered why he would want to take a walk when he had his car there with him. “Ok she said” Olumuyiwa got down from the car took off his black tuxedo that looked every inch an Armani to Olubunmi, rolled up his white sleeves and un knotted his tie just to get comfortable. Olubunmi watched every step Olumuyiwa took as he took them with ease and perfectly and she wondered what kind of man he was. ” Saka drive down with us at the same pace, we are heading to the bus station” he addressed. His driver. The walk down the bus station was an interesting one, they both talked about how the day went, plans for the evening, what tomorrow was going to hold for them. Olumuyiwa admired the way Olubunmi spoke intelligently, her poise, her physique, the texture of her skin which he usually stylishly brushed his hand over making it look like a mistake, Olubunmi too had thoughts of hers in mind, the baritone of Olumuyiwa’s voice kept her heart pounding fast his height that she always had to look up to, the way his skin brushes hers even if it was a mistake that she wished was intentional. Time was fast spent and they met themselves at the station already. Olubunmi felt lonely cause it was time for them to depart, there was a woman, her 3 kids and a man at the bus station,all going the same direction as Olubunmi,when the bus got there, Olumuyiwa was the 1st to get in, whispered something’s to the driver, the Driver had this smile which made Olubunmi wonder what Olumuyiwa would have told him. ” Sorry passengers, na only Aunty and this man I go carry, make una wait for the next bus” the woman and the man at the bustop both hissed at abuse the driver and stayed back to wait for another bus. Olubunmi couldn’t help but keep smiling as she couldn’t imagine that was what Olumuyiwa was up to. Inside the bus they continued the talk they had,saka still drove behind the bus, and was wondering what came over his boss that he had to board public transport. Some bustops before Olubunmi’s, the driver stoped, Olumuyiwa gave him some cash and they both got down. He took her to an eatery for her to pick what she wanted for the night, he told her he didn’t want her to go through the ordeal of cooking that night. After picking the food, he pleaded she joined him in his car so he could drop her at home,which she accepted happily. Olubunmi enjoyed her evening just like she hoped she would have.¬†

The week was a nice week for Olubunmi, frequent visit from Olumuyiwa made most of it, she also went to visit Eunice(her mother) in the psychiatric home, by now she had gotten used to her mum,and ensured she saw her frequently. Eunice too could recognise Olubunmi and always looked forward to having her around. Seeing the patients in the psychiatric home usually punched a hole in Olubunmis heart, she then decided to live her life for the less priviledge,orphans,sick,disabled and old. She saw to reaching out to this people with her cash,time and prayer.

Olumuyiwa took his time to break down Olubunmi’s defenses, this was the hardest he has tried to get a lady to be his, with his look, power and affluence he always got the ladies, but this charms didn’t work with Olubunmi. On one of their dates to the seaside chinese restaurant which was Olumuyiwa’s favorite, he couldn’t believe his luck when Olubunmi said yes to being his woman. He almost choked on the red wine he was taking that evening.



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  1. Hmmmmm sweet sweet love. But where is it heading to? Dis suspense tho!

  2. Hmmmmmmm. Intresting episode

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