Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 9.

Olubumi was leaving church after the sunday service, one could see she was moving on a fast pace like she was trying to avoid something or someone. From behind someone called out “Miss Olubunmi” Olubunmi ignored, but little Adeoye(Olubunmis son) recognised the voice of the man that buys ice cream for him after church service “Mum, uncle ice cream is calling you” Adeoye said excitedly, “Come on let’s go” Olubunmi dragged him, Adeoye sliped of her hand and fell bruising his kneel a little. With that little distraction Mr Lawal was able to catch up with them “Hey my Lil man Ade, don’t let that tear drop, men don’t cry” with that Adeoye smiled the thought of the cold banana ice cream coming up made him even smile more. ” Thanks Mr Lawal, we have to be on our way home” Olubunmi said ” Let me get Ice cream for Ade and I have something to disscuss with you” Mr Lawal told her with a plea on his face “Yes ice creammmmmm” Ade squealed ” there was no saying no to Mr Lawal with Adeoye around, one couldn’t blame him, there was no father figure him. While Ade playfully waited for the ice cream man to give him his piece Mr lawal started to discuss with Olubunmi ” My dear I hope I am not taking the little frendship we have too far with this request I’m about to make” ” Mr Lawal I would really appreciate if you don’t make the request at all, you are a church member, a married one at that, what kind of a relationship would that be? Just because I’m a single mother dosent mean I’m loose” Olubunmi ranted out even before Mr Lawal spoke. Astonished Mr Lawal went “Oh no, you got me all wrong, I sure do appreciate you beautiful creature of God, and like you said I am happily married, my request is on behalf of my single friend that would be coming in to the country from London” Olubunmi felt embarrased at what she had thought and really relieved at the same time “oh I’m so sorry sir” she said, ” its ok, quiet understandable” Mr Lawal replied. Mr Lawal talked more about his friend a certain Mr Martins and how he was a nice man and he wanted Olubunmi to meet him.  Olumuyiwa Martins was an handsome rich and eligible bachelor, he studied abroad and worked abroad, he came from a wealthy family from Lagos state. Muyiwa was the kind of man any Lady would want and he knew this and never missed a chance at flaunting his good looks. Olubunmi wasn’t in support of the idea because she wasn’t ready for a man in her life just yet, Mr Lawal pleaded and she decided to give it a try. The meeting with Olumuyiwa was a pleasant one, Olumuyiwa spoke with much confidence and intelligence and he took to liking Olubunmi immediately. They became good friends, he noticed she was being overprotective of herself but that didn’t send Olumuyiwa away. He knew one day he was going to have his way with Olubunmi.Or so he felt………..


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