Life and times of Olubunmi. Epiaode 8

It was another market day and Segilola was getting ready to take her supplies to the market, she sold vegetables in one of the local markets in Abeokuta just like her Mum used to, it was like a family business. She went about the house speaking in the only language she understood yoruba “Adebayo,wa gbe apere yi si nu moto”(Adebayo,take this basket into the car) Adebayo was her first son, she thanked God that it was a boy child she had first because that made her husband give her a little attention as it was said that Adebayo looked a lot like his dad. She was an illiterate and that made her husband despise her so much, she knew it was both her parents and her husbands parents that still made her husband remain in the marraige.

“Adebayo wa,wa iwo omo yi, o ti lo si balue! Asiko ti to ka lo si Oja”(Adebayo come here,you haven’t had your bath yet, its time to go to the market) Segilola shouted at the top of her voice. Just then Mr Ayinde came out from his bedroom all angry and shouted at her ” Woman what is wrong with you? Must you always act like a BABARIAN” ” Ba-bi -bi abi ki lon so? O mo pe mi o gbo oyinbo dakun to ba fe bu mi so yoruba si mi”(what are you saying? You know I can’t speak english, please speak in yoruba if you want to insult me) Segilola rolled her eyes at the man that she. Called her husband and already had 3 children for but hated her just because she wasn’t literate. “Your case is a pathetic one and I don’t have you to blame, its your parents that did not send you to school” Ayinde said as he slammed the bedroom door and went back to sleep.

Later that evening Ayinde was back in Lagos and decide to relax his nerves in a bar before going to see Olubunmi, the thought of her lightened his mood a little. “Hey Ayinde” a familiar voice called out, looking over his shoulder Ayinde saw his friend Abisoye ” hey Biso my man, how are you?” ” I’m doing good friend” Abisoye said ” what’s with the sulky look? How your madam oh sorry Madams?” Bisoye laughed and teased Ayinde. “Men that’s what got me thinking here o,that illiterate pissed me off before I left Abeokuta this morning,came to calm down here before I go and meet my big nyash Olubunmi” ” I love Olubunmi so much she is an ideal woman, intelligent hardworking speaks fluent english, not like that OLODO in my house, na how I go tell Olubunmi to be second wife be the issue now, that’s if my parents even allow it” Ayinde lamented. After a couple of drinks and jokes with Abisoye, Ayinde felt relieved and went home to Join Olubunmi.

Adeoye Olubunmi and Ayindes son grew up beautifully they both showed him love until he was 2 and half years Old before Olubunmi found out she was dating a married man, married to an illiterate at that(don’t ask me how she didn’t know for that long, Ladies we know how we tag along fruitless relationships hoping it gets better and Guys you know the lie constructed from the pit of hell you come up with).

Olubunmi didn’t want to be a second wife, she decided to remain a single mother and never had anything to do with Ayinde again.

Olubunmi went to church as she always did with her little son Adeoye, she gave him the best of care a lot of people admired them when they passed by.

A particular Mr Lawal(married) always casted lustful eyes on Olubunmi but he really respected his wife and marriage and didn’t want to do any thing to put his marriage on the edge. Each time he saw Olubunmi those feelings would come up again!

On this Sunday after church service Mr Lawal finally attempted After a long gaze, he clears his throat and called out “Hello miss Owolabi”…………..


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  1. This is heartbreaking.

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