Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 7.

Dinner was almost ready and Olubunmi had showered in anticipation of Ayindes visit, she was going to tell him the good news of her being pregnant today, she knew he was going to be happy at the news, she couldn’t wait to tell him.

On Ayindes arrival “hmmmm I smell a lot of good stuffs coming from the kitchen! What are we celebrating?” Ayinde asked, “You are too inquisitive and suspicious darling, can’t I treat you to a wonderful meal?” Olubunmi said back. “Hmmmmm or you have a request to make cause you women only get nice when you need favours”, “haba Ayinde, anyway I’m just being nice here and am actually a very nice person so get used to me and stop acting all surprised like this is any different (she smiled), I could give my neighbours the food if you are no longer interested (she teased twitching her nose upward while backing him) “No way you know the way to my heart is your special delicacy” Ayinde said.

After the meal. Olubunmi said “I have a surprise for you!” ” And what could that be my love? I knew you were up to some mischief with this dinner of yours” Ayinde said (licking his fingers) . “No my love this aint mischief its a huge surprise, So I went to the hospital and my Dr confirmed that I am 4wks gone ” she said “Gone to where” Ayinde asked’ “LOL stop teasing Ayinde! 4 weeks pregnant for you my love”. (Ayinde dropped the morsel from his fingers) “What? Preg what? How could you do this OluBunmi? I thought you were smarter?” Preg? I’m not ready for this, I’m so not ready” Olubumi looked stunned as tears welled up her eyes and she began to sob. “Yipeee caught you there” Ayinde said “look at your face you are all scared now, come give me a big hug he said ” “You mean you have my baby inside of you now? This is the best news I have heard today”. They took a toast to this new development. Ayinde was happy.

(in the room Olubunmi was wearing a look that asked so many questions, ayinde pressed her to tell him what was bothering her)

Olubunmi, you don’t have to get suspicious or worried, my parents are out of the country at the moment and would equally love to meet you” Ayinde said. “knowing you are carrying my child is one of the best things that has happened to me in recent time, what man wouldn’t be happy? A God fearing Lady, intelligent, beautiful and very hard working ” with that he gave her a kiss on her forehead (that always set Olubunmi @ ease) Olubunmi forgot her worries immediately laid her head on his chest and smiled with relieve.

Olubunmi had a wonderful time during her pregnancy, Ayinde was always there for her, he didn’t mind her nagging attitude when it came to it, and how touchy she gets occasionallym Ayinde would talked about how he wanted the baby to be a boy and how his mother would be so happy when she finally gets back into the country Ayinde also talked about wedding plans and they both decided the wedding was best after Olubunmi had given birth, so the wedding gown was going to fit perfectly(they both teased). She had come to be acquainted with some of his friends and cousins, her friends too knew Ayinde well and always talked about how handsome, caring and wealthy he was, although they asked why he got to travel every weekend with the excuse to go see some Family members, Olubunmi always had that doubt too, but Ayinde did a lot of good stuffs that she couldn’t pin unfaithfulness or any bad thing of its kind on Ayinde for just having his weekends off. Her friends envied her all the same.


Olubunmi gave birth to a Baby boy that looked so much like his father, Ayinde was very happy, they named the baby Adeoye.

Ayinde thought how long he could keep up with this game he was playing, he really loved the Woman Olubunmi was.



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  1. Hmmm.. Guys, don’t try to jokingly reject a pregnancy you do want ooo. In real life, she would have fainted at the very least.. Lolz.. Cool.. Anticipating episode 8

  2. hmmmm……Okunrin,..

  3. Waooooooo. Is suspense is getting too long.

  4. Waooooooo. This suspense is getting too long.

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