Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 6

It was Sunday and Olubunmi loved to go to Church, she always had a busy week in the Departmental store where she worked and didn’t always have time for weekly services, she worked as an Usher in the church and loved God with all her heart. Today’s service was special to her,thinking of what God has done in her life,making her see her biological mother,making her successful even without parental care,and making her come across a wonderful man like Ayinde.

Ayinde became a part of Olubunmi’s life after a couple of dates and him proving to be so in love with her. He was just the perfect man to Olubunmi, he was educated, had a good business,respectful and loving. He cared so much about Olubunmi, he was proud that he had a Woman that was an embodiment of both beauty and brain,he saw the way men turned back to stare at his Lady whenever they took a walk, the way Olubunmi always had something intelligent to say when he and his friends talked about politics and current affairs always stroked his manly ego

Olubunmi had grown so accustomed to Ayinde she introduced him to the people she knew as family,even to church members and friends. She knew a couple of Ayindes friends and cousins but never met his parents,Ayinde usually got so busy with work that they never had time to go see his parents together. Ayinde agreed they were going to see his parents the next week, on their way, the Car started an overheating problem and they had to suspend the journey. 

Olubunmi was really anxious to see Ayinde’s parents as it was obvious that she was going to be Ayindes wife, Ayinde had no other Woman apart from her and she was so sure of this as he was all over her.

After a while of dating eachother, Olubunmi took in and she was so excited because that was a step to getting Ayinde into wanting to settle down immediately. 


One thing that still gave Olubunmi concern was that she hadn’t seen Ayinde’s Parents yet.


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  1. And this ayinde part gets scary…..
    Enjoying the ride

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