Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 3.

Its been over 5months now and Eunice has been at the herbalist, Words had spread about her illness. Rumors that she was even dead filtered around like smoke. The Shaw’s had been worried about the dent that this had brought to the reputation of the family, the shame they would face because of the upcoming wedding between their daughter(who has been touched by a drama not enjoyable) and the most sought after and Eligible bachelor Georgious Cole.

“Daddy Banjoko” Eunices mum called (ushered with a deep sigh), I just thought of something, why don’t we give our daughter Janet to Georgious as bride? All the women in the market place point fingers at me when I pass by as the mother of the sick maiden and its humiliating daddy Banjoko, its humiliating(she cried),and I know those women they would look for ways to make their daughters noticed as options to Georgious, and they would influence it at any length “daddy Banjoko” oju o gbodo ti wa oh oju o tie gbodo ti wa (we must not be put to shame she reaffirmed) she sobbed. “Hmmmm (with a deep sigh, not of relief, not of pressure but of a deep thought, he stared up and and after some minutes of pacing around the room) he said; that’s a good idea Woman” Mr shaw nodded and said, “My business with Mr Cole( Georgious’s father) hasn’t been on the friendly side ever since the incidence. Make a delicious meal tomorrow and send it through Janet to the Cole’s make sure she is beautifully, responsibly and pleasantly dressed when she’s doing that.

Georgious had sleepless night thinking about Eunice, her parents have refused to disclose where she was, he hoped and prayed that she would be well soon so they could get married (the hope of seeing the woman he loved so deeply kept him going for a while, and the goodwill he wished for her and her family kept him hopeful, the bond between the two families gave him some strength but the absence of the woman he spent his time with made him curious, moreso not knowing where she was a root of thoughts). Only if he could know where she was, seeing him only would make her feel better he thought. Janets voice in the Living room brought him out of his thoughts,he ran to her immediately (with an curious look on his face) hoping to get words out of her. Janet was talking to his mother when he got there, she looked really pretty and reminded him of his beloved Eunice. He took her out immediately to discuss with her and was able to find out where Eunice was. Excited as he was knowing where Eunice was he walked back into the house, then his mum said “Georgious look how beautiful Janet looked today more radiating than Eunice I must say, marrying her won’t be a bad idea son,as Eunice ailment doesn’t seem to be improving”. Georgious couldn’t believe what his mum just said to him he made up his mind that moment that first thing the next day he was going to See Eunice, he stormed out of the house and went to seat lost in thoughts at the very place where he used to meet with Eunice under the tree.

Eunice sat at the corner of the room as usual,talking to the insects and the thin air, baba Owolabi came in with food for her and as he came in, he marveled at how beautiful she was,even in her new state she was still pretty. At that moment Eunice started vomiting again, baba Owolabi pondered how he was going to explain to the family of Shaw the state he had put their daughter in, it was just one night, he did not even realize until it was over 3months, Eunice was carrying a baby and he was responsible.

Georgious located baba Owolabis hut, on getting there he saw a lady that looked so much like Eunice outside but this lady was pregnant, on a closer look he saw that it was Eunice. Georgious broke down, how could this be, how could his bride to be be pregnant.

Plans for Georgious and Janet wedding had started already, Georgious couldn’t rub his fathers name in the mud, he agreed to marry Janet to protect te pride and  lreputation of the family. The Shaws’ family went to the Herbalist and saw with their eyes the state he had put their daughter, nothing could be done now than wwait for her to deliver and they prayed they would have their daughter and the baby in good health.

6months later Eunice gave birth to a pretty little girl and she was named Olubunmi.



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  1. I know this baba owolabi was up to something

  2. So, baba couldn’t control konji??? Waiting for part 4

  3. Hehehe….cant wait for Olubunmi to grow up ooo

  4. Getting interesting….
    Pls don’t tell me the babalawo fluted Eunice?

  5. Intresting, wants to know what happen to d baby.

  6. haba! babalawo! imagine the heart of human…

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