Life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 2

Georgious lay on his bed that night smiling from ear to ear cause he knew he had one of the fairest maiden in the region, even his friends that couldn’t have her asked if Georgious could help with getting Janet who was as pretty as her sister. He thought of the wonderful thing they had together,but couldn’t help but reflect his mind on her state of health wondering if he could ever force her to take her herbs…. That cute stuborness of his dear maiden, and how cute her face grinned about how bitter the herb was when he told her to take it created a even wider smile across his face. He reflected on how much he loved Eunice but still won’t let it all know to her because of his manly ego. He could barely wait for the next market day so as to see his “Ayanfe”.

 Back in the Shaws’ cottage, Eunices’ mum kept crying,splashing water on the face of her first born child “oko mi dide damilohun (my dear awaken, answer me), she wailed. Eunice coughed and opened her eyes, the joy and relief the shaw family felt that instant did not prepare them for what was about to happen, amidst the jubilation,Eunice shouted In a strange voice “where am I? Nibo mowa?” “My daughter our enemies have been put to shame you are here with us your family” hahaahaha Eunice laughed,(with a straight face) “Family? Who is a family? What is a family?” Hahahahaha said Eunice (she laughed endlessly). The look on Mr shaw face changed immediately, his wife jacked him by his chest very close to his neck baba Banjoko what is happening to my daughter? (with a sad face, and the look of a combination of dissapointment, pity and a worrisome tone she wailed), “My Goddddddd,noooooo Mo GBE! I have been put to shame” Calm down woman Mr Shaw said, Janet just stayed mute, with her eyes fixed on her beloved sister and her palms resting on the floor where she sat speechless wishing she could do so much, but there was no strength in her weakness to lift her from her state of despair.. Her eyes became full, and slowly tears rolled down her left cheek, she immediately wiped the first tear and placed her palm back on the floor, but she couldn’t help but sob, the rush of tears followed one another as she watched her sister dance to a beat that probably never existed.

After about a month that Eunice has been taken to the Herbalist for trado-medical treatment, it was already known in the community about the unfortunate incidence that befell the Shaw family. Georgious patiently waited and hoped that his beloved would get well soon,The Shaw’s thought of Giving Janet’s hand in marriage to Georgious as they did not want to tarnish the image of the Shaw family.


Meanwhile in the Home of the Herbalist BabaOwolabi, he kept wondering why such pretty lady would be facing this ill Fate,he was amazed and captured by Eunice beauty,he treated her specially amongst other issues he had in hand. One night the urge was unbearable for Baba Owolabi he saw Eunice in his dreams every night Could this be a message from the god’s he wondered, he thought he had Eunice scream that instant, he ran to her room saw her sitted calmly looking like a calm dove. Baba Owolabi went in, unwrapped Eunice of her wrapper.



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  1. This baba is up to something stupid.. Arrgh…. Can u continue it already

  2. Nice one Jolaade. Keep the suspense going

  3. And that was supposed to keep me waiting for nextweek… Moderator its unfair.!!!!!!
    Ahn ahn?

  4. Why d hell did u stop there! Derm ur suspense can make 1 go nuts……can’t wait for d nxt 1 wk, but I’ll be patient. Nyc job blogger (y)

  5. Y did u stop der (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳

  6. …….because of manly ego, what a good insight
    episode 2 is full of suspicious condions

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