Ready for Marriage? Part2

The Ready for marriage? Post started last week, I hope you could relate to the points posted. Today rounds up the series, read enjoy and act on them . 

YOUR FINANCE……….. This is very important.

Discuss about your source of income.

Financial issues are a bone of contention in

many marriages. The way funds are

appropriated in a marriage should be given

serious attention and resolved before tying the

knot, in order to avoid bitter arguement and

quarrels in the home. Some of the things to

ask as far as finances is concerned include

~what is you both view on being extravagant,

thrifty or stingy.

~are we going to have a joint account or

separate account.

~who will control the family expenditure.

~are we going to share expenditure.

~do you know both income, I mean, do you

both know how much each of you earn.

Who is fussy about financial accountability

between you both.


YOUR SEXUALITY……….. This aspect can never

be over emphasized in any marriage and it has

been one of the causes of many problems in

many marriages. Therefore, discuss it

extensively while courting, some people use to

shy away from it and after marriage, it raises

its ugly head in such a way that if care is not

taken, it can scatter the marriage.

Question that may be asked here include……….

~how sexually active are you

~are you a virgin

~do you believe in s ex before marriage

~are you sexually attracted to a certain

physique, for example, anyone who is sexually

attracted to a slim person has no business

dating a fat person and vice versar

~do you prefer a particular complexion in the

other person.

YOUR HEALTH………….. Under this you discuss

some pertinent questions like

~ Are you both ready and willing to undergo a

comprehensive medical screening

~what are your views on exercise and fasting

~what are the medical problems you’ve had in

the past

~What are the the medical history in you both


~who falls ill often and less often between you


YOUR RESPECT……….. Mutual respect in

marriagedetermines to a great extent how a

marriage turns out. To regard a person with

esteem, you need to have an appreciable level

of repect for such a person. Some important

question to ask here include

~can you proudly introduce your spouse-to-be

to your friends and relatives

~do I relate to this person as my friend

~do I accept his or her friends as ny friends

~is there mutual giving and sharing in this


Do I like the way he or she makes decision

~do we bring out the best from each other

~do I like the way this person makes decision

~am I constantly in conflict with him or her

~will I be drained of my

individuality,personality, creativity, dreams

and hopes, self respect,dignity and significance

if I go on to marriage with this person.

YOUR EDUCATION…….. The interpretation of

issues and events greatly depend on one’s

educational background, therefore, it has to be

threshed out, in order to prevent unnecessary

frictions in your marriage. If you are the type

that will want your partner to have at least

first degree, you don’t have business with

anyone below that educational level, except he

or she is ready and willing to upgrade him or

herseld educationally.

YOUR COMMUNICATION……….. Inability to

communicate differences and problems out in

a marriage put a great danger in such a

marriage, therefore, communication, effective

and efficient one is beneficial to the success of

every marriage.

Right from courtship, examine if

~you interact freely with your intended spouse

~he or she listen to suggestions, ideas, and


~if he or she talks down on you

~if he or she listen when you talk

~if he or she discuss issues or avoid issues

~if you are free to disagree with him or her on

any issue

~if he maintains healthy communication


All in all, marriage counsellors will do a

wonderful job for you if you seek for their

services. But above all, a three-fold cord is not

easily broken, invite God and lean on Him and

He will direct your path to the right person.

However, don’t forget to be a right partner in

order to attract a right partner, remember.

Like attract likes.

May God help us all.


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