life and times of Olubunmi. Episode 1

Hi Readers old and new. So mecurialPinkyblog decides to start a story that’s going to be posted every wednesday for a couple of weeks, how long its going to take hmmmm that’s gonna depend on the leading of the Holy spirit. Please read ,enjoy and share with friends. A surprise Secret comes up in the last episode. #Anticipate.

Welcome to the begining of Lifes and times of Olubunmi.




Eunice waited under d Iroko tree for her beloved,she enjoyed watching Nature from this view,the way d wind made the palm leaves whisper,the birds tweeting and the flow of the lagoon. The footsteps she heard jolted her back from d world she had created in her head to the reason why she was waiting. With a broad smile on her face she ran to the open arms of Georgius, Georgius Enitayole Cole is her bethroted husband, Georgius was Tall dark and handsome, he was strong and he was the wish of every maiden around. Georgius loved Eunice Banjoko Shaw so much and Eunice loved him as well. “How are you Ayanfe mi ?” Georgius said “I’m doing good” *batting Eyeylashes,eyes down,fiddling with her Fingers* Eunice said. Georgius brought her Chin up and looked her straight in d eyes”Your eyes say other wise Ayanfe” “what’s wrong?” Nothing she said but there was a wink she gave that showed she was in some kind of pain “your chest again?” “Eunice I have told you to take the Herbs I got from the neighbouring town, it helps with this discomfort you feel in your chest, but you won’t use it, you never will.” “Let me see your palms,still yellow, Eunice please use this herbs,please, Our wedding date has been fixed you need to be fit before that day”. “I’m using it,but its just too bitter. Oh the sun is about to rest, I have to run along my Mother would be worried” said Eunice Ok Ayanfe I’ll see you next markets day I want to show you something” braged Georgius 

At home that night while Eunice slept in the same room as her Sister Janet, Eunice yelled out oF her dream holding her chest tightly,Janet woke up puzzled, ran to her side and held her, Eunice temperature felt like Fire and she was shivering at the same time. ” Maaaaami, Baaaaaami” Janet yelled before both parents came in Eunice went mute.



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  1. Wooow, captivating. Am sooo looking forward to the next episode *smiles*. Good job dear

  2. Hmmmm captivating……………. Can’t wait for nxt wks post!

  3. A good & interesting one, which made Episode 1 appear too short. I can’t wait to for a whole one weeks to continue with Episode 2. Keep it I baby. But Gorgeors was not a dark guy. On the contrary, he was fair completioned, tall, handsome, ridy & good looking.

  4. JolliePinketofmars September 18, 2013 — 2:17 pm

    Why in heavens name will you stop at that? What happened to Eunice?
    I don’t want no adrenaline rush… Where did they bury her?…..
    I HATE suspense!!!!!

  5. Too too short! Thats jez 2scenes ooo & u expect us to wait for a whole week b4 the next one???😔😞

  6. As anxious as I am…. I love the suspense….. You’re a genius…
    Now I have something to do every Wednesday

  7. Nice one dearie…keep it up

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