Kendrick lamar Is my boo *Kida Kudz Voice* LOL(FAMZER AYE) . Yeah call me a “Famzer” but WALahi” its a hundred and fifty percent(150%) worth it.



So my boo *Eyelashes* Droped like the best “BARS” I have heard in a long while from the hip-hop world on the song CONTROL where he was featured by BIG SEAN. Well as the case is there has been a lot of talk about the verse, In my opinion:


K.DOT is really on to something here, he just made a rejuvenation for not only rap but Hip-hop in general. The problem is a lot of artist and fans are looking at what KENDRICK said in the wrong direction. Yea it said somethings about the people he mentioned in the song,but the overall objective of this song was “Tryna raise the bar high”.

It’s not a diss to the people he mentioned, or a diss to the people he didn’t. He used the people he did because they rhymed . He wanted people to stop being complacent and put the competition back in Hip-Hop and Rap that’s been gone for so long. And by using his friends as examples, he’s saying that it’s a battlefield, a free-for-all, and nobodies safe from him.


And for those who think the bars aint dope enough,In my opinion, some of the best bars I’ve ever heard have been in result of anger over beef. and here is K.DOT no beef at heart even mentioning his homies not rivals could spit with such magnitude I think he deserves an applaud.


Thanks K.DOT for the rejuvenation. That’s my Say on the whole fuss. “You can Love me or Hate me its peace or war” *Ruggedy’sVoice* ……….. Long live Hip-Hop, Long live Rap. Drops Mic 



 Your Girl 

Mercurial Lamar (Kendrick) 

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  1. Guess he’s just tryna set it straight- business and play aint the same-
    Yeah we could chill and mess around together, buh when its business, let’s do business….. I’m gonna win over your customers……… Till you run out of stock

  2. Its a battle field so let’s all let it out. Big kudos to K.Dot.

  3. Miscellaneous minds are never explaining their minds..

  4. So interesting ow Big sean got displaced & bullied on his own song, dat wasn’t much of a spectacular verse for me but I appreciate his Guts and kendrick waking Hiphop from slumber was an impressive 1.

  5. Am so in love with that guy too,he’s very daring…kudos to him.

  6. Well…lyk he sed…he’s trynna murder em…lmao!
    He myt b d King of Newyork bt Drake is d King of both Toronto & ATL…lolz
    Got mad love for kendrick sha

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