Its a beautiful sunny day, with a sight of golden rays through my window, I decided to visit my bestie along side his fiancee. As usual of “him” and myself, we talked about evrything we could possibly find to talk about, the latest songs, movies E T C….. Then dat sound like a bomb that comes from the middle of your Butt ( I call it NYASH) blasts!!! (((( GBOLAKA)))). What! who did that? Oh ok it was just Segun(bestie) at it again, so I smiled but “OUR Fiancee” went; “Baby you keep doing this, its totally disrespectful of you” then segun went ” It is a NATURAL SOMETHING” *SoundSultansVoice.

 Brings us to what I’m talking about today, How close or how far should you have gone in a relationship before you do the “NaturalSomething”? Or shouldn’t you even do it at all? Do some people see it as publicly unacceptable?????

 Well as crazy as I can be, I go all the way with my partner, nothing hidden, fart when I want to, do the marathon belch competition(covers face reminds me of someone) , kiss without brushing ETC. that’s for me anyway (and it largely depended on how comfortable we were with ourselves) but some people find it non ethical.

Some ladies would freshen up quickly before her boo comes in(not that he should always find you in a messy form tho), apply some makeup and all! Don’t you think he MIGHT want to see you without those disguise we carry about? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its not cool to look all ravishing For him, its just absurd if he hasn’t seen the You God created( fearfully any Wonderfully made…. Even if its scary and wonderfully made).

 Doing the Natural Something shouldn’t cause any issues in a relationship, if your partner is good with it cool and if not well you have to oblige with them. I don’t see why pressing the toothpaste tube from the middle or the bottom should break a couples home(LMAO) that’s one hilarious story.

All said, if you like to do the Natural something or not(like Farting)  its so compulsory cos if you don’t it goes up your spine to your brain and you think of only SHITY ideas………      Your Natural something Girl 😉




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  1. Ur gifted boo

  2. Lmfao!
    True tho…bt mayb nt @d beginnin of d relatnship sha. Lolz

  3. Loool ! U know I would fart in yo mouth abi ?

  4. Sure u gna like the tast… :$

  5. Dis is a natural write up. Fart si gboro!!! Pinky said so. Good job

  6. Nice 1 babes….I totally agree xcept wit d going up ur spine part..lmao.

  7. Woooooo. Cool

  8. I also think its ok to do the natural something… At least it makes both parties comfortable with each other… Very Nice Write Up…. More Grease MERCURIAL!!!

  9. Smart ass genius

  10. About that toothpaste tube, I also take exceptions to middle-pressing.. 😉

  11. My brother will fart in front of his wife and all his children. He will say “We do evrytin 2geda guyz”

  12. I seriously don’t get why people find this offensive. Like , I would fart as a reply to my partners “I love you “😒

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