premiere post

Okies……. Its my premiere Post on this blog *yipee. I’m excited yea u can’t blame me. Aii writing this piece was due to joblessness, boredom nd INSPIRATION. Got this inspiration from two friends ( nd you could pass by and read some quality write up

Back to the matter… I’m totally clueless on what to write now ama just tell you to seat back,relax and prolly munch on some popcorn while I try to cook something up ;). I sure hope I aint boring you wiv this piece? Oh nah I think I just saved most of y’all from ur boring moment due to the ongoing ASUU strike..  

Thanks for being part of my premiere ;;) Ama sign your autographs as you drop your comments. *kiss kiss* Love y’all.



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  1. Lol flakkie ur crayyy! I love dis tho! U jus inspired me! Ma blog coming up! 😀

  2. Oh well , interesting story 😐 very very interesting….. Ughh….. I’ll find you !

  3. U’re some crazy shii

  4. You are on some dope

  5. Nice one cuz of mine… Its jes d beginning. Looking forward to reading more from you…..

  6. Okay???????????????

  7. Hmmm…nice,very funny indeed. 🙂

  8. Crazy was actually lookin forward 2 smetin interesting or a juicy gossip..yeye geh

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